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       Hebei Xuankun Refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. It is located at the northwest of the thousand-year Xingtang county with a floor area of over 200mu (about 33 acres). Currently, it has over 100 staffs and its fixed assets reach nearly hundred million RMB. There are 10km from here to the exit of Beijing-Kunming Expressway, 30km to Shijiazhuang International Airport and Shijiazhuang High-speed Railway Station respectively. It enjoys a superior location advantage and a convenient traffic leading to all directions. The company owns two large silica mines with great reserves, and the ores here, which feature high silica content and fine physical property, are the ideal materials for glass-kiln silica bricks and high-strength large coke-oven silica brick. In 2015, the company invested a large amount of fund into technical reformation, and built three new glass-kiln silica brick production lines. Currently, their annual production output surpasses 30,000t and the production value exceeds hundred million RMB. Coupled with the domestic top product inspection center as supporting facility, in the domestic similar industry, the company becomes one of the enterprises with the highest automation degree, the most advanced equipment and the most environmental-friendly production. Besides, its product quality reaches the standard of developed countries in similar products. Hebei Xuankun Refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. has developed into a one-stop full-industry-chain modern enterprise integrated with raw material exploitation, product R&D, production and sales.
In adherence to leading technology and innovative development, for 20 years,             Hebei Xuankun Refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. has firmly seized the lifeline of the refractory technology development, implemented the core concept of "insisting on S&T first and seeking development with innovation", depended on the top management, the most advanced equipment and the most environmental-friendly production technique to build fine quality, unswervingly forge ahead towards the cutting-edge refractory technologies, and advanced with leaps and bounds.

Build Top Quality and Advance with the World
    It is a kind of passion for innovative development, as well as a pace in an endless succession. The operation mode featuring careful material selection, fine machining and lean management contributes to the transcendent quality in Xuankun products; the high-quality and top-service operation strategy earns Xuankun high recognition from the extensive users. 
    In terms of management, the company has set up a young and vigorous enterprise management team, consisting of over 30 graduates of junior college and secondary school, and over 10 well-experienced medium and senior engineers and technical staffs. Since its establishment, the company has intensively promoted the enterprise's cultural and ideological progress, and educated staffs in the thought of "behaving gratefully and working responsibly". In terms of talent cultivation, the company actively holds technical communication, pursuit for excellent quality, and other activities. In terms of products' after-sales service, the company persistently carries out the user-interview system, always regards customers as god, and unremittingly meets' customers satisfaction. 
     In 2008, in addition to its introduction of the glass-kiln high-quality silica brick production technique from American TW Company, the company also established a long-term good cooperative relationship with scientific research institutes, and was committed to the R&D and production of new, energy-saving, environmental-friendly and high-quality refractory products. From raw material selection, automatic material making, blank making and high temperature firing to finished product package and delivery, Xuankun will seek greater perfection in all processes, strengthen every link, strictly control every detail, and allocate individual responsibility to every working procedure for better quality. 
    The complete quality management assurance system and advanced automatic production contribute to high-quality products. To serve the extensive customers better, in addition to the glass-kiln high-quality silica bricks, coke-oven silica bricks and hot-blast-stove silica bricks, the company also produces the unshaped siliceous refractory and zero-expansion silica bricks as complementary support. The glass-kiln high-quality silica bricks, coke-oven silica bricks, hot-blast-stove silica bricks and other products, produced and sold by Xuankun, have won good praises from the extensive users for their high silica content, high compaction strength, high softening temperature at load and other properties. 
   In recent years, Hebei Xuankun Refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd., based on its own silica resource advantage, domestic and foreign advanced production technologies and equipments, has actively integrated resources. In adherence to the "integrity-oriented and innovative development" concept, it sets sails and spurs with leap-forward development towards greater prosperity.
   For more than 20 years, Hebei Xuankun Refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been committed to the leap-forward development from "domestic top notch " to "international top notch". Due to its solid strength, it has won numerous honors (it has been titled as "the Contract and Accredit Honoring Enterprise" by the provincial government for the 15 consecutive years, and granted with "Xingtang County Key Protection Enterprise", "Xingtang County Major Contributor of Tax" and two honor certificates by Xingtang Government for the 20 consecutive years). Its products sell well in India, Southeast Asia, and other countries, and even in Africa and Europe. Owing to its quality products and excellent services, the company has enjoyed the increasing awareness and reputation in domestic and foreign markets.
    Carry forward the spirits of the era with an open mind. In the future, Hebei Xuankun Refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. will forge ahead as the pacemaker of the refractory industry, persistently blaze new trails in scientific technology, pursue excellent quality, constantly produce quality refractory products, advance with the times, and unremittingly strive to promote the development of Chinese refractory material technology!
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