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Hyun-kun refractory to participate in 2017 The 5th China · S

The 5th China Shahe Glass Trading Expo will be held at the Shahe International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 9 to 12, 2017. This exhibition is by Shahe City, Ze Hui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. jointly work together to create the authority of the exchange platform. After a good early development and recognition of glass industry colleagues, Shahe Glass Trading Expo has gradually developed into a considerable size and influence of the glass industry event.
The current trade fair will continue to innovate and change, adding new elements. To further expand the target coverage, in-depth regional trade associations and building materials market, invited well-known enterprises, industry market dealers, procurement staff and industry associations to participate in the exhibition, visit, glass and related industries trade, technological innovation, culture and the arts Exchange to explore, and further promote the prosperity and development of the glass industry. For the glass industry enterprises to build "exchange, cooperation, innovation, development," the green platform. Advanced product technology, cutting-edge industry information, sincerely invite you to meet the Hebei Shahe, create a new business opportunities for the development of the industry!
  Hebei Hyun-kun refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. was invited to participate! Exhibition booth 231! Looking forward to your arrival!
  Hebei Hyun-kun refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 (formerly known as Tangxian refractory plant, is a line of Tangxian Chengzhai township enterprises, located in the North Village Village, March 23, 2015 changed its name to Hebei Hyun-kun refractory technology Development Co., Ltd.), adjacent to Beijing-Kunming high-speed, from the Beijing-Kunming high-speed line Tang export 12 km, Shijiazhuang International Airport 30 km, Shijiazhuang high-speed railway station 40 km, convenient transportation and communication facilities.
Hebei Hyun-kun refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. through the implementation of science and technology projects, quality engineering and talent projects, business scale and operational strength to achieve a leap-forward development. Companies rely on the local high-quality advantages of silica resources, plant production, local mining on-site processing, raw material resources are guaranteed, low transport costs. The existing enterprise employees more than 200 people, covering 1,000 acres, 100 million yuan of fixed assets enterprises, with high-quality silica mine 2, fully automated production line 4, respectively, 10,000 tons of high-quality 96A silicon brick production line, 30,000 tons of high-quality silica sand Production line 2, 10,000 tons of high-quality silicon powder production line 1. The main products are 96 silicon brick, 96A high-quality silica brick, silica brick, glass kiln with silica brick, coke oven with silica brick, hot air furnace with silica brick, zero expansion silica brick, refractory mud, silica sand, silicon powder, All kinds of uncertain refractory materials. From the mining, mineral processing, impurity removal, sieving, iron, ingredients, mixing, bundles, molding, drying, firing, packaging and other processes to develop a set of scientific management methods to ensure the quality and credibility Double optimization. Product quality to the level of similar products in developed countries. The company is currently in the international industry with the highest degree of automation, the most advanced equipment, one of the most environmentally friendly enterprises.
  Hebei Hyun-refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. has become the industry's well-known set of raw materials mining, product development and production, sales as one of the whole industry chain of modern enterprises!






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