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Warmly welcome Ruitai Technology Miss Wang Xiaohong to visit

July 24, Ruitai Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Ms. Wang Xiaohong and his party visit Hyun-kun technology, and Hyun-kun technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Hyun Kun Technology Chairman Lei Jianwei received the guests.
       During the talks, the two sides exchanged views on the development of the industry and the operation of the technology, and conducted further consultations on the cooperation. And finally reached a "to strengthen technical exchanges, and jointly improve, to provide quality services to customers; maintain market order and promote the healthy development of the industry," the strategic cooperation agreement.
Hyun-kun chairman Lei Jianwei and Ruitai Technology Marketing Director Ms. Wang Xiaohong and Wu Xingsheng International Trade Manager, Tan Guo International Trade Manager to visit the material factory, Ms. Wang Xiaohong Hyun-ku independent of the mine resources and expressed that the future will work together to reach Win-win!
(Right) and Ruitai Technology Ms. Wang Xiaohong (left) visited the factory workshop
Ruitai Technology Wang Xiaohong and his entourage accompanied by Jia Qiusheng production director to visit the brick brick molding operation!
Hyun Kun Technology Chairman Lei Jianwei, technical director Wang Xiaoqing, production minister Jia Qiusheng, director Ni Zengchi and others with Ruitai Technology Miss Wang Xiaohong, Mr. Wu Xingsheng, Ms. Tan Guo photo taken pictures!
Ruitai Technology Co., Ltd. is China's Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.'s listed company (stock abbreviation: Ruitai Technology, stock code: 002066), the controlling shareholder of China Building Materials Science Research Institute. Ruitai technology research and development, production, sales and integrated services as one, for the glass, cement, steel, nonferrous metals, electricity, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, hazardous waste treatment and other industries to provide high-temperature refractory, refractory, construction and installation service. The company's production scale, technical level, product quality, innovation and ranking industry-leading position.
Hebei Hyun-kun Refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. Ruitai technology is committed to the vigorous development of refractory industry! Serve more customers!






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