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Investigation on corrosion of coke oven silicon brick after

Investigation on corrosion of coke oven silicon brick after use
Because the coke oven is produced continuously for a long time at high temperature, the physical properties of the silica bricks will change due to the phase change of the bricks. To understand these changes, it is necessary to inquire about the status of the coke oven to study the repair skills of the coke oven. These inquiries are very important for the study of the coke oven operation method with a short production time and the construction of a new coke oven. However, there are few reports on the physical properties of reclaimed silica bricks.
The inquiry of the sample is divided into a carbonization chamber side and a combustion chamber side. The measured items are loose bulk density, apparent porosity, compressive strength at normal temperature, thermal meandering strength, arrangement inquiry, and X-ray diffraction. The compressive strength at room temperature was measured as a cube with a side length of 20 mm. Using a specimen with a side length of 20mm x 100mm, perform a hot zigzag strength test at a distance of 80mm at 1300°C
The X-ray diffraction method was used to inquire into the mineral phases that used the rear bricks. Figure 2 shows X-ray diffraction results for the side tiles of the combustion chamber. The peak value of quartz can be seen in the unused bricks but it is not visible in the used bricks. The cristobalite peaks in the carbide chamber bricks become smaller, and this peak is hardly seen in the combustion chamber bricks.
2.3 Thermal shock resistance
The following results were obtained after retrieving and querying the silica bricks of the coke oven furnace wall that had been produced for 44 years.
2) The mineral deposits of the used bricks will become tridymite.
4) Although the strength of the used bricks is higher than that of the bricks that have not been used, the thermal shock resistance is reduced, which is particularly pronounced on the side of the carbonization chamber.






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