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Zero Expansion Silicon Brick for Coke Oven

Zero-expansion silica bricks, also known as fused silica bricks or thermal shock silica bricks.
The coke oven has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent resistance to quenching and rapid heating, good high temperature structural strength, and high SiO2 content. The product can be widely used in the rapid heat recovery of various coke ovens. The product does not crack when used. The low thermal expansion performance of the coke oven makes it safe and reliable after long-term use. Our company not only provides hot repair methods for coke ovens, but also contracts hot repair works for coke ovens.
Zero-expansion silica brick
SiO2 % ≥96
Fe2O3 % ≤ 0.7
Al2O3+TiO2+R2O % ≤ 0.7
Refractoriness °C 1710
Porous porosity % ≤ 22
Bulk density g/cm3 1.8-1.85
True density, g/cm3 ≤2.34
Atmospheric pressure strength Mpa ≥35
0.2Mpa load softening temperature T0.6 °C ≥1680
Reburning line change rate 1500°CX2h, % 0~+0.2
Thermal expansion coefficient (1000°C) % ≤ 0.2
Thermal shock stability (1000°C water cooling) times ≥25






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