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What areas are castables used in?

Because of its physical characteristics, in the summer construction process should pay attention to: 1, castables to prevent exposure; 2, the temperature of the mixing water does not exceed 25 ° C; 3, the construction site should also be shaded, spray water cooling on the outer wall of the equipment deal with. The same, in the winter construction should pay attention to: 1, can be built in the covered workshop, or on-site shed insulation to prevent the temperature is too low; 2, with 30 ° C -50 ° C warm water mixed construction. Standardize construction to prevent quality problems caused by incorrect construction.
     According to the specific requirements of boiler type, construction method, application site, fire resistance temperature, wear resistance, strength, corrosion resistance, etc., the most suitable materials should be selected. It is completely unnecessary to abandon the life expectancy of the kiln and over-seek the high-utility policy. The excellent function of the refractory castable means that its functional policy is suitable for the application requirements of thermal equipment and can reach the purpose of the turtle age. The scale of application of new skills for refractory castables is defined. For example, the ultrafine powder combined with magnesia refractory castable is applied on the ladle slag line, and the effect is good, but the anti-slag material is used in the furnace bottom, because the application temperature is about 1200 ° C, the sintering strength is not achieved, and it is difficult to obtain good results. .
     Select high-quality high-purity or refractory raw materials and additives, ultra-fine powder skills, excellent binders and high-efficiency admixtures. Under the guidance of the basic theory of refractory materials, scientifically formulate material formulations according to the different application and operating conditions of various thermal equipment. The precise distribution of particle size composition, the reasonable selection of binders and admixtures, the successful production of refractory castables with excellent skills and superior age. Taking the high-performance refractory castable for ladle as an example, it is characterized by self-bonding, self-sintering and self-expansion under high temperature application conditions. The "three-self" principle is also reflected in different degrees in the new skill refractory castables, so its function is excellent, and the service life is significantly advanced. High quality, high purity or refractory raw materials are the basis for the production of new refractory castables and the basis for the production of highly efficient amorphous refractories. Such as platy corundum, fine corundum, white corundum, corundum mullite, aluminum-magnesium spinel, high-purity magnesia and spherical high-alumina bauxite clinker. Others, using high-quality bauxite clinker and other materials, after the process ingredients are sintered or electrofused, the brown fused alumina, white corundum, white fused alumina and aluminum-magnesium spinel are collectively called the bauxite-based constituents. The process treatment has excellent functions and can partially replace the alumina-based constituent materials and is widely used.
Refractory castables are milestones in the history of unshaped refractories. The important sign is that they enter the high-temperature melting furnace of steelmaking and have achieved remarkable results. In the future, according to the operation and operation characteristics of the kiln and its thermal equipment, we will select high-grade raw materials, scientific formula, reasonable gradation, elaborate production, and open new skills refractory castables that declare high utility and utility to satisfy our industry. The need to start a day.






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